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Hi everyone!  So I thought I'd better put something on here about myself.  I'm a god-fearing, husband-loving, child rearing, photographing, vintage lover!  Yup that about sums it up:)  

Ok, here's the skinny...

I have a super hot, heroic, superman-esk, amazing daddy to our little girl, for a husband - and dear LORD thank you for sending him into my life!  I don't know who else would put up with all my crap (and ideas)!  Did I mention...he is super good looking?  And this Hot hunk of a man is my friggin' ROCK!  Love you with all my heart and soul!

Then I have this amazing little being, my 2 1/2 year old, thinkin' about running for president, sassiest (no idea where that comes from) sass-a-frass I ever met, smart little stinker, with a little bit of attitude and swagger, daughter named Jerzi Jo.  And let me tell you, you don't know your heart can get that big until you have a little being.  Love you sugarbean!

We also have two very smelly, rambunctious, tracking in the mud, fur babies; Bean & Gully.  And they help in aiding to the chaos of our family, that I've come to love.

So, how in the world...

Well, I'm a full time Photographer.  I absolutely love what I do.  Photography is my Passion!  So years back when I started shopping for props for the studio, I found my love of Vintage.  Like Vintage EVERYTHING!  AHHHH!  And of course with years of nurturing, that love has only grown.  I was finding I was going to a bunch of different shows to find unique items for my studio, and my home.  And for about the last 3-4 years I've been thinking, why don't we have this in our area?  So, trying to convince my hubby that this was a good idea, well, it did take lots of convincing.  BUT...he believes in me.  And he knows when I have passion for something I'll put my whole heart and soul into it to make sure it's successful.

So, with that, Swanky Chic Junk Boutique was born!  I'm so excited, and of course there are a million things running through this brain of mine.  But for now, please help us by spreading the word, sharing our page and event, and telling your friends about us!  I certainly hope to see you all at the show!

Until later Swanky Peeps! Kj

Monday, June 25, 2018
By Swanky Chic Junk Boutique
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So I can't even believe it's June, well almost July!  It always seems like after the 4th of July summer is over and fall is here.  And with that...so is the second Swanky Chic Junk Boutique!


We are so busy contacting vendors right now that I can't even keep things straight!  WOW!  We're gearing up our advertising, getting a few new tshirt designs in the works, and as promised, making sure we have that bloody mary bar ready to go!  We are totally committed to making sure our vendors and patrons are all uber happy with our show.  Please let me know if you have suggestions!  In the future I'd love to offer an outdoor space, after filling up indoor of course, that included a farmers market!  I think Sioux City does a wonderful job with their farmers market and since it would either be the beginning or end of the season we would love to get all of them to join us.


Vendors, get that vendor form in TODAY!  If you haven't submitted it here's the link:  www.swankychicjunkboutique.com/form/vendor-form


See you all real soon!  -The Swanky Lady

Friday, February 23, 2018
By Shabby Chic Junk Boutique
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Holy cow! It's February 23rd and I'm sitting on my lovely couch watching "Wreck It Ralph" with my daughter, and it dawns on me...WE'RE EXACTLY ONE MONTH AWAY FROM OUR FIRST SHOW!


I am just so excited!  I can feel it in the air, the anticipation, the excitement, the JUNK!  Oh, for the love of Junk, what could be better?  Coffee?  Did I hear you say Coffee?  So me myself, not really big on the coffeemochalatte-ado thing.  BUT...I know there are a lot of you who are:)  So Heartland Coffee & Nosh will be there to give you that little bit of Jolt when you get tired from shopping.  And next week we will be putting the final touches on some pretty Swanky Tshirts!


And hey keep a look out for this awesome sign-age!  This beaut will be displayed over the Gordon Drive Bridge any day now!  


We still have room for vendors so click this link to get signed up!  https://kwingert.zibster.com/form/vendor-application


And keep your eyes out...we might just have a deal coming your way!


-The Swanky Lady